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Explore the versatility and practicality of shipping container dimensions

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Discover the range of shipping container dimensions that cater to your unique storage needs

Empower your shipping endeavours with our in-depth exploration of the dimensions of your chosen shipping container. Discover how different sizes accommodate a range of storage needs, helping you find the ideal solution for your specific requirements.

Over the recent years, there has been an unprecedented surge in the utilisation of shipping containers for storage purposes. No longer confined to merely transporting goods across oceans, these containers have evolved into versatile storage solutions tailored to suit requirements.

From safeguarding valuables to providing convenient storage space, shipping containers have become indispensable assets in today's storage landscape.

With their inherent flexibility, robust construction, cost-effectiveness, and ease of transport, shipping containers have emerged as the go-to choice for a wide array of storage needs. Whether it's on construction sites or in residential settings, these containers offer a dynamic solution to accommodate various storage demands.

10ft Shipping Container

10ft Containers

Perfect for compact needs or constrained environments, 10ft containers offer efficient storage solutions while upholding durability and security standards. An ideal choice for projects demanding space optimisation in limited areas.

20ft Shipping Container

20ft Containers

Bridging the gap between smaller and standard sizes, 20ft containers provide versatility and functionality. Designed to accommodate moderate storage needs with ease and convenience, they offer a practical solution for various applications

40ft Shipping Container

40ft Containers

40ft shipping containers are the largest size of shipping containers that we have on offer at ABC. We stock a wide variety of 40ft shipping containers, from high cube containers, to modified 40ft shipping containers. These boxes are made for maximising space inside.

Why opt for shipping containers as your preferred storage solution?


Crafted from premium-grade steel, shipping containers boast unparalleled durability, engineered to endure extreme weather conditions and the demands of extensive transportation. Rest assured, your belongings remain safeguarded within a shipping container's sturdy confines.

Space optimisation

Leveraging shipping containers enables you to maximise storage capacity without encroaching upon excessive ground space. Whether in residential settings or at commercial sites, the rectangular form factor of containers facilitates the effortless organisation of items.


Investing in a shipping container represents a savvy financial choice, yielding long-term financial savings and a favourable return on investment. With minimal maintenance requirements, these shipping containers offer prolonged serviceability, ensuring enduring value.

Customisation options

Harnessing the flexibility of containers allows for customisation to align with storage needs. From integrating ventilation and lighting systems to adding insulation, shipping containers can be tailored to suit diverse requirements, making them an adaptable solution.

What are the factors to consider when choosing the right shipping container?

By carefully assessing these factors, you can confidently choose the right shipping container that aligns with your storage needs, space constraints, budget, and security requirements.

Storage needs

Evaluate the volume and nature of items you intend to store. This assessment will help determine the suitable container size and configuration to accommodate your belongings efficiently.

Shipping container dimensions

Take into account the available space for container placement and accessibility. Consider factors such as height, ground conditions, and proximity to other structures or obstacles.

Budget considerations

Evaluate your budget alongside the storage requirements. Balancing cost-effectiveness with functionality is essential in selecting a container that offers the best value for your investment.

Security features

Prioritise security by inspecting the container's doors and locking mechanisms. Ensure they are robust and tamper-resistant to safeguard your items against unauthorised access and theft.

Unleash the versatility of shipping containers to meet your storage needs like never before.

Ready to embark on a journey of discovery with shipping containers as your storage solution?

Request a quote today and unlock the ideal container size tailored to your unique requirements.

Delve into our extensive selection of shipping containers and find the ideal solution for your specific needs.

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Yes, customisation options are available for shipping containers to tailor their dimensions according to your specific storage space needs. Custom modifications can include cutting, welding, and resizing to ensure a perfect fit.

Yes, there are specialised containers designed for transporting oversized or irregularly shaped items. These containers may have open tops, open sides, or removable walls to accommodate large or uniquely shaped cargo.

To determine the ideal shipping container dimensions for your storage needs, consider the volume and type of items you plan to store. Measure the dimensions of the largest items and estimate the total volume to ensure the selected container size can accommodate your belongings comfortably. Additionally, factor in any future storage needs or expansion plans when making your decision.