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The inside of a refrigerated shipping container

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Introducing the Pinnacle of Refrigerated Excellence:

ABC Container Hire & Sales' 20' Refrigerated Containers!

Experience the epitome of cutting-edge refrigeration technology with our brand new 20' refrigerated containers! ABC Container Hire & Sales takes pride in offering you temperature-controlled storage units that redefine the standards of cold chain logistics.

The back of a refrigerated shipping container
The front angle of a refrigerated shipping container
The control panel of a refrigerated shipping container
The back angle of a refrigerated shipping container

Key Features:

Stainless Steel Marvel:

External panels and internal corrugated side linings crafted from premium stainless steel ensure optimal air circulation and heightened payload capacity.

Reinforced Flooring Warrior:

The reinforced flooring, with a T-shaped aluminum floor, not only supports heavy cargo but also facilitates efficient air circulation and bottom-air delivery. This promotes cool air circulation and efficiently absorbs heat emitted by your precious commodities.

Airtight Fortress Doors:

Equipped with airtight gaskets, our doors create an impenetrable seal, preventing any leakage of cold air. Your cargo stays protected, and the desired temperature is maintained with precision.

World-Class Refrigeration Units:

Our new units are powered by the renowned Carrier PrimeLINE refrigeration units, setting the standard for energy efficiency, capacity, and environmental responsibility.

The front angle of a refrigerated shipping container

PrimeLINE Unit Highlights:

  • Efficiency Extraordinaire: Unmatched energy efficiency, thanks to the advanced digital scroll compressor designed for R-134a, ready for conversion to low GWP R-513A.
  • Exceptional Cooling Power: The PrimeLINE unit delivers extraordinary cooling power, especially in deep frozen and pull-down scenarios.
  • Precise Temperature Management: Electronic expansion valve and Micro-Link® 5 control software work in harmony, ensuring stable temperatures within narrow tolerances of +/- 0.25°C.
  • Leading Dehumidification Capability: Industry-leading dehumidification down to 50 percent, ensuring your cargo stays in pristine condition.

Why Choose ABC Container Hire & Sales?

  • Global Standards: Our refrigerated containers adhere to international standards for superior performance.
  • Future-Ready: PrimeLINE units are adaptable for low GWP refrigerants, showcasing our commitment to environmental sustainability.
  • Total Cargo Protection: Airtight features and reinforced flooring guarantee your cargo's safety and quality during transportation and storage.

Elevate your logistics game with ABC Container Hire & Sales - where excellence meets innovation. Secure your 20' refrigerated container today and experience the future of cold chain solutions!