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Used Shipping Containers For Sale

20ft used shipping container

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20ft used shipping container

Your Ultimate Guide to Used Shipping Containers for Sale

Welcome to ABC Container Hire & Sales, your reliable partner in offering used shipping containers for sale. With a keen eye on quality and affordability, we provide a wide selection of containers to meet your diverse needs, whether for storage, transport, or custom projects.

Why Choose Used Shipping Containers?

The Affordable Alternative: Buying a used shipping container is an economical choice for businesses and individuals. It offers the durability and security of new containers but at a fraction of the cost, making it a prudent investment for various applications.

Versatility: Whether you require a standard size container, high cube, or even a refrigerated shipping option, our inventory caters to all requirements. Our used containers guarantee functionality and adaptability for countless uses.

Environmental Benefits: Opting for a used shipping container reduces waste and promotes sustainability by repurposing existing resources. It's an eco-friendly choice that minimizes your carbon footprint while being practical.

Our Collection of Used Shipping Containers

As industry experts, we at ABC Container Hire & Sales pride ourselves on offering an extensive range of used shipping containers for sale, suited to different needs and conditions. Let's explore some key types:

General Purpose Containers: Ideal for secure storage and transportation, these containers are the backbone of global trade and can now serve your business or personal storage needs effectively.

High Cube Containers: Offering additional height, these containers are perfect for storing taller items or for modifications that require more vertical space.

Refrigerated Shipping Containers: Maintain the quality of temperature-sensitive goods with our used refrigerated options, ensuring goods stay fresh during transport and storage.

Customized Solutions: With the possibility of customisation, you can transform a used container into a bespoke space for your business or personal use.

Multiple Sizes: On top of the range of options listed above, we also provide each of these in both 20ft and 40ft, so you can rest assured that there will be a container perfect for your needs.

20ft used shipping container
20ft used shipping container interior

Why ABC Container Hire & Sales?

Customer Satisfaction: Our commitment to providing excellent customer service is evident from the moment you contact us until you receive your container.

Speed and Convenience: We understand the value of your time. With our efficient logistics and prompt delivery, you can expect your used shipping container to arrive when you need it.

Expert Advice: Our knowledgeable staff are on hand to guide you through the selection process, ensuring you find a solution that fits your exact needs.

Get Your Used Shipping Container Today

Don't miss the opportunity to own a reliable and cost-effective storage solution. Call us today at 1300 22 22 66 to explore your options and find the perfect used shipping container for sale.

Remember, when you choose ABC Container Hire & Sales, you're choosing quality, affordability, and service you can trust. Get in touch, and let's help you secure the right container for your needs - no task is too big or too small for our dedicated team.

Your Investment in Sustainability and Practicality

Explore Our Range of High-Quality Used Shipping Containers

At ABC Container Hire & Sales, we don't just sell used shipping containers; we offer a gateway to sustainable and efficient storage and transportation solutions. Our versatile range, including general purpose and specialized high cube and refrigerated shipping containers, is meticulously selected to serve a multitude of purposes while being kind to the environment.

The Cost-Effective, Eco-Friendly Choice

Purchasing a used shipping container from us is not only an intelligent financial decision but also an eco-conscious one. By giving these robust structures a second life, you play a crucial role in reducing waste and saving resources. Upgrade to a used container and take a step towards a greener planet.

How to Choose the Right Used Shipping Container

When shopping for used shipping containers, consider the potential uses, the amount of space you have, and the type of goods you plan to store or transport. Our experienced team is dedicated to helping you choose the correct container size and features to match your specific requirements.

Hand-Picked for Quality and Longevity

Our experts at ABC Container Hire & Sales carefully select each used container, ensuring it meets specific standards for quality and longevity. This rigorous process guarantees that your investment is sound and your stored items are well-protected.

Customisation for Unique Needs

We understand that every client has unique needs. That's why we offer customizable used shipping containers for sale. Whether you need extra doors, windows, insulation, or shelving, our team can modify a container to transform it into the space you envision.

Quick and Easy Process

Getting your used shipping container is a straightforward process with ABC Container Hire & Sales. Give us a call, and our customer service team will assist you in choosing and purchasing your container. We make sure the entire experience is hassle-free from start to finish.

20ft used shipping container
20ft used shipping container inside

Contact Us Today

Take advantage of our exceptional offers on used shipping containers for sale. Contact ABC Container Hire & Sales at 1300 22 22 66 and secure your storage solution today. We are committed to your satisfaction and ready to deliver the value and quality you deserve.

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions